Pole Fusion Manifesto

The concept of fusion means the combination of pole dance with all kinds of dances, performing arts and/or theatrical performances, and the mix of ages and genders. It encourages group choreographies of all kinds and the search of new ways to conceive pole dance or the relation between pole artists and the audience.

The theme of the pole fusion festival 2017 is “surrealism”, so this should be reflected in the performance executed. The applicant should respect the concept of fusion here above. The performance is not about pole dance tricks but how to relate them to the artistic proposal. In case of solo, it is recommended to NOT do pole tricks MORE than 50% OF THE TIME to create room for another way of expression.


Each applicant (group or solo) has to submit the form with the description of their performance and number of participants and a video audition to the email address polefusionfestival@gmail.com by the 15th of October.

A selection will be done if there are more than 10 applications. The list of the participants will be announced on the 20th of October 2017.

After confirmation of the selection the music has to be sent on format mp3 via wetransfer or mail before the 1st of November 2017.

MUSIC: Duration of music for the performance is max. 5 min.

POLES: The show will take place on a 4m-high trussing structure where there will be three high quality competition X- poles, 45mm diameter: two in the front separated by around 5m and one in the middle at the back. All the poles can be static or spinning according to your wishes

Rules on the day of the performance

MUSIC: The music has to be sent via wetransfer before the 1st of November 2017. As back up, the dancers should bring their chosen music on a backup usb with the name of the school, the name of song and author of music written on it on the day of the show.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Applicants must have a health insurance. The organizer is not liable for any injury or damage caused from participating in this event and all entrants are participating at their own risk and free will.

SCHEDULE: The group has to be present in the venue at 12pm on Sunday for the rehearsals. The show is planned at 3pm.

GRIPS: The grip aids allowed are mighty grip, liquid chalk, chalk, dry hands, itac or other approved aid (announced by e-mail). They can only be applied on the body and not on the pole. It is forbidden to use body lotions, oils, or milks before the performance.

COSTUMES: It is permitted to wear high heels, ballet or gymnastic shoes, or to perform barefoot. Topless, thongs and underwear are forbidden. Men can perform topless. Gloves are accepted. The classical striptease kind of routine is forbidden, but the removal of one piece of clothing is allowed if it makes sense in the concept.

PROPS: Props such as chair, hat or similar are allowed. It is forbidden to use dangerous props such as fire, oil and other which can be dangerous for competitors or the audience. The participants must announce all props to the organizer via email. -

PHOTOS/VIDEOS: The participants accept that the organizer is taking photos and videos. All photos and videos taken by the official photographers/cameramen are the property of the organizer and can be used in promotional purposes